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2000mg CBD Oil

We always give you more for your money! Our 2000mg CBD Oil currently contains 2,802mg CBD.

Our 2000mg CBD Oil is safe for both humans and pets. Studies have found that CBD improves sleep, reduces anxiety, decreases inflammation in the body (thus reducing pain), and improves cognition. It can also suppress seizure activity, combat psychosis disorders, fight tumor cells, battle depression, and protect brain cells. Because of CBD's broad range of health benefits, our 2000mg CBD Oil is an ideal daily supplement to support your general well-being.


  • 2000mg dosage
  • 30mL bottle
  • Derived from All-Natural, Whole-Plant, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Non GMO, Gluten Free, Certified Organic and No Psychoactive
  • Safe for both humans and pets
  • For easiest consumption for pets, mix into a meal.
  • Results will vary with each dog. For best results, walk your pet for at least 60 minutes and provide 30 minutes of mental stimulation (pet tricks, fetch, brain games) each day.
  • Every batch of CBD oil is third-party lab tested and consistently contains more CBD than advertised. View Lab Results.
  • Made in the USA

Suggested Serving

  • Humans - 1 full dropper, as needed
  • Pets 30-60 lbs - 1/4 dropper, 2-3 times daily
  • Pets 60-90 lbs - 1/2 dropper, 2-3 times daily
  • Pets 90+ lbs - 1 full dropper, 2-3 times daily


Whole-Plant Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD, MCT Oil (extracted from coconut oil)

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Christina Mendez
Not happy

It didn’t help my Dog with her anxiety on the 4th, And fireworks are at a low minimum where I live they are illegal so not to many and she still was shaking so bad and destroyed a door knob cause she just wanted to run. I was really hoping it would help so I could get her off of her meds.

Bridget Gallerie

We started giving this CBD oil to our dog, Louie, who is “extreme” in nature (doesn’t know when to quit! Lol) and has been diagnosed with arthritis in all his joints, poor guy. The oil has helped tremendously to calm him (for an extreme dog, we do notice the difference!) and seems to also be helping with his joints as he is more spry and active during walks or play. I plan on continuing to give it to him for the rest of his life.

Lesley Ker
CBD 2000mg

The CBD drops are amazing! My dog suffers with anxiety and it really helps calm him down. He also hurt his leg the other day and was limping a bit and I gave him some to rest and when he woke up he was fine.

Alyssa Rickey
Amazing Stuff!

Helps my anxious little pocket pittie like nothing else ever has. She had been on fluoxetine and this CBD oil is so much better for her in so many ways.

Eva McFerran
We love Bully Crew CBD

I absolutely love this brand and all that it stands for. Our two pitties use the cbd oil everyday and I’ve seen major changes in them. Our one pit had ACL surgery last year, and we were advised to use CBD for long term pain management. CBD also helps with inflammation so all around it’s perfect for his leg, we’ve really seen him using the leg a lot more and he’s not in as much pain. We also use it to keep them calm and reduce anxiety. If you are consistent with using CBD daily and making sure they have proper exercise, it really is a game changer. Also love that I get to put money towards such a great company that does so much for dogs in need!